Long history of experimentation. The way through the deep of jazz tradition. this is modern jazz trio in contemporary music and electro-acoustics. these have resulted in a trio that can hardly be labeled. The Mark Aanderud electro-acoustic trio ventures and becomes drum and bass, groove-like electronica experiment with the complexity and simplicity of jazz, pop or ambient.

Jazz based trio that flows through the most diverse musical possibilities in improvised music. Influences pass through but rarely stay. Music goes from complex avant-garde experimental jazz to the most simple melodies that recall concepts in Electronic, Pop, Minimalistic and Contemporary Jazz. It is free music, free of expression. Music based in deep open grooves, textures and well elaborated compositions that inspire the moment of creation. A roller coaster of emotions.

What started more than 10 years ago as a trio with a blend of American, Scandinavian and Latin jazz influences, has developed into a unique ensemble with a distinguish sound. An avant-garde trio where different improvisational and compositional concepts blend together.

Mark Aanderud started working in his trio more than fifteen years ago. Many top class musicians have been part of it, but MA has found the right combination between music and musicians. This might be the time when the MATRIO get a place around the elite of world-class Jazz trios.

MATRIO · America

Mark Aanderud piano, Stomu Takeishi bass, Jeff Davies drums

MATRIO · Europe

Mark Aanderud piano, Masa Kamaguchi bass, Marc Miralta drums.