About Passion and Persistence in teaching and life

27 November 2015

How many times have you heard this 2 words, passion · persistence. Probably many times. In the last few months I´ve begun teaching at the Taller de Musics here in Barcelona. Its been a great experience going back to teaching and have a follow through with students. Each one of them is so different. Each one has its own world. Thats truly amazing.
I´ve been thinking a lot about it. I think teaching is the process between the balance of self-knowledge. So to say, teaching is a process where you have to find the way to help, teach and propose from what you like and from what you believe but respecting what the other person-student is looking for and is wishing to achieve.

Is it passion teachable? Is it part of motivation? I don’t know. I do know that motivation may lead to persistence and within persistence may come achievements and deeper knowledge that can lead to passion.

Find motivation. Persist in what you have chosen to do. Be passionate about it. Love it and persist, don’t give up. Enjoy the ride and don’t expect once you get there it will be incredible. Make it incredible from the first moment and keep it incredible all the way. Once you get there, get somewhere else as soon as possible.