25 April 2014

The productions Sound-cloud page is here https://soundcloud.com/productionsmaanderud/tracks

Please visit https://soundcloud.com/productionsmaanderud/tracks for new music I currently produce.

7 March 2014

Read more on Wikipedia…

You can now read more about my projects also on Wikipedia. www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Aanderud‎

2 March 2014

This week Mark Aanderud Trio feat. Marc Miralta, 06 march. Jamboree Jazz club, Barcelona.

My Trio features drummer Marc Miralta and bassist Martin Leiton. thursday march 06, 20 hrs. Jamboree Jazz Club. You can purchase your tickets at the following link: http://www.masimas.com/jamboree/concerts-jazz/barcelona/mark-aanderud

1 March 2014

Premiere of grupo Quebrante, monday 03 march. Jamboree Jazz Club, Barcelona

The premiere of our brasilian band grupo Quebrante will open the WTF Jam session at Jamboree Jazz Club on monday at 8 pm. This will be the first concert of […]

17 January 2014

New Omar Rodriguez Lopez CD

Hello all. The new Omar Rodriguez Lopez album just came out. Take a listen: http://omarrodriguezlopez.bandcamp.com/album/woman-gives-birth-to-tomato

5 January 2014

Happy New Year to all…!! Blog and more.

This year promises to be quite different and intense. I am glad I´m surrounded of incredible people helping me up with my projects. I will also be continuing to post […]

14 December 2013

Announcing the launching of the New Mark Aanderud´s Website, new projects, new videos and new music!!

The new Mark Aanderud Solo Piano project Animatic Theatre will be premiere this 2014 in cooperation with Barcelona visual artists of Nueve Ojos agency. Dates to be announced soon!! New […]

27 November 2013

Jazzbook.3 – Mark Aanderud: Jazz sin estereotipos

Review and video of the performance at Jazzbook 3