22 August 2016

Something I wanted to share today…

Lots of people ask me what is that I´m doing nowdays on my music. People is confused. I understand, after 20+ years of being envolved in the Jazz and Contemporary […]

19 August 2016

Mark Aanderud ha ingresado en el Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte en México

Mark Aanderud ha ingresado en el Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte 2016 del Fonca, Mexico.

27 November 2015

About Passion and Persistence in teaching and life

How many times have you heard this 2 words, passion · persistence. Probably many times. In the last few months I´ve begun teaching at the Taller de Musics here in […]

The crowdfunding campaign for Animatic Theatre´s new album was a total success…

Thank you to all the beautiful people who has supported. There is a long long list. I can’t thank enough. We are in the process of recording and post production. […]

22 May 2015

Apoya la campaña para recaudar fondos para la realización del primer disco de Animatic Theatre a través de fondeadora.mx

Visita https://fondeadora.mx/projects/mark-aanderud-animatic-theatre y fondea. apoya. compra el CD por adelantado. Gracias!!

27 April 2015

Animatic Theatre´s Mexico premiere!

This weekend I presented for the first time Animatic Theatre at the Jazzatlan Jazz Fest in Cholula Mexico with a night at Jazzatlan Jazz Club. I had the opportunity to […]

15 January 2015

Animatic Theatre, Mole and more…

Im very happy to announce our first Animatic Theatre concert this year in Barcelona´s club Guzzo. We´ll be having some incredible guests. Israeli super singer Tula, and cuban cellist Martin […]