Animatic | New Album by Mark Aanderud

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Hi. This is Mark Aanderud.

Hi, this is Mark. In case you don’t know me, I´m a pianist, composer and producer. Although I consider myself a music creator, music shows itself to me in spontaneous ways and I use piano improvisation as a vehicle to produce and perform music that brings me happiness. Please visit my projects and productions. I currently work on the Animatic Album Singles, which will be released through the following weeks: mostly songs sang by me or by some incredible artists that just happen to be my friends. Please visit my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. Thanks for visiting!


Mark Aanderud is the music Ambassador of Street Child Spain

If you havent hear of Street Child then maybe this is a good oportunnity you check them out. I am always skeptical about ONG´s, but this one is ran by […]