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Hi. This is Mark Aanderud.

Hi, this is Mark. In case you don’t know me, I´m a pianist, composer and producer. Although I consider myself a music creator, music shows itself to me in spontaneous ways and I use piano, computers, machines and improvisation itself as a vehicle to produce, compose and perform music that brings me joy. Please visit my projects and productions. I just finished my first ever Solo Piano album and its called “I Covered the Light” and its a raw album, with 16 semi-improvised and improvised songs. Please visit to listen to some of those tracks. Also anew Trio is here!! and to end this year, I am composing the music for my next project with string quartet and jazz trio for this year SNCA Fonca program. Please visit my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. Thanks for visiting!


4 December 2017

The New Trio!

Its been a while since I dont work on a regular trio. But this all changed recently. I just went into the studio to make a quick half day session […]

My new solo album “I Covered the Light” to be out soon!

My new solo album “I Covered the Light” to be out soon! Please visit the Solo Page to listen to some of my new piano music